Poonam will treat you like a friend and help you to submit the best essay. I wrote all my essays without any structure, and I didn't follow chronological order. She helped me to write my essays like a movie story.

Poonam helped me to choose the right content for the given question. Poonam's suggestions helped me to submit the best essay from my side to university. She trimmed down the length of my essays as effective as possible. 1600 is the word limit for my essays and we got 1593 words as the final word count. Her sentence structure is as effective as possible to communicate my thoughts as easy as reading a story. She is master of grammar rules and would not miss even a punctuation mark.

Poonam is not only fast in editing, but she also brings out the best possible essay. We will get the response within 24 hours. The thing is we need to be ready to send our next draft.

You helped me understand the questions! And you also happily cleared the questions I had on essays. You gave me leads to write more. I wrote a lot of stuff which was not very clear to a different eye. You pointed these issues out immediately and told how distorted meaning actually was. When working with her, I felt that essay review is not just business to her, but it is her passion. That's why she is in this profession

Venkat ,