A couple of months ago, I applied to the Master’s in Business Analytics program in the top-15 business schools in the USA. Although I had a relatively high GMAT-score, my work experience and low-Grade Point Average were huge obstacles to accomplishing my goal. To foreshadow those minuses and emphasize my strengths, I decided to use the service of admission consultants to create the highest quality application. I was lucky to meet Poonam Tandon of myEssayReview , the person who has helped me get admitted to the University of my Dream and get 16% merit-based scholarship.

What I liked the most about her approach is the fact that she didn’t write anything for me. Instead, I prepared the draft, sent it to her and she edited it and provided her feedback, which included questions she asked to fill the missing links in my story, suggestions/ recommendations she made about adding, and the ideas she wanted me to take into consideration. Using this approach, she not only taught me how to connect the dots in my story but also helped me clearly articulate my goals and highlight my strengths. I was glad that my essays were in my individual voice and my unique writing style.

I also want to mention the professionalism and devotion of Poonam. Every single edit and feedback she gave to me had the highest quality. In addition, after we agreed on the timeline of the draft/edit, she diligently stuck to that timeline and reverted within 24-48 hours. She not only gave me excellent guidance on my essays, but she also asked me about the feedback on her work.

It has been a pleasure for me to work with such a professional and kindhearted person. I am accepted into my dream school with 10000 $ merit scholarship. I am very grateful to have Poonam as my consultant. I will recommend her to all my friends.