I first read about myEssayReview when I was looking for tips on ISB essays and found the essay analysis by Poonam to be very helpful and clear. As a re-applicant to ISB, I felt confident in myEssayReview services. So I approached Poonam and signed up for 1 school package.

When I first submitted the essays they were all over the place. Poonam’s suggestions made me realize that most of the time I was missing the link in my stories; she was able to spot the missing links and get out the relevant content from me. She asked valid questions and simplified language so that it becomes clear what I wanted to say in my essays. Thus, she helped me in generating ideas for each essay question and create a sensible story that will impress the Ad Com. The word limit specifications of ISB were very stringent, but Poonam was very effective in trimming down the essays to the specified word limit while keeping all the content and not changing the meaning. She used simple and clear language that is easily comprehensible.

Poonam was very flexible with the turnaround times, sometimes coming back within 12 hours in crunch times. She never missed a deadline! She was aware of the deadlines and concerned as well and made sure that the essays/LORs were complete by the deadline. Throughout the process, she satisfactorily addressed all my concerns and queries.

I must say, working with Poonam was a great experience. Thank you, Poonam for your support. It wouldn’t have been possible without the splendid job you did with my essays 🙂

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