I had an unsuccessful application last year and was looking to work with someone with experience in helping students achieve their dreams. I read excellent reviews on GMAT club and on the website itself. So I requested for free consultation meeting. The meeting was great. But most importantly, Poonam reviewed my resume and told me that it was way below par. This really put me on my toes and confirmed my decision to sign up for her services.

We started working immediately and from the beginning, Poonam’s guidelines helped me introspect. I definitely had to put more effort into thinking creatively to come up with a story-like approach for my essay. I bookmarked her essay analysis on the GMAT club and read it over and over again until I could come up with a creative answer for the question asked. For every part of the question asked, having an idea of how many words should be used and the examples helped me construct my essay which was polished and refined with the help of her guidelines. She gave me the sort of strict feedback I required in my first essay, and I think because of that the other essays went smooth

After putting together all the details of the story, the most daunting task was trimming it to the allowed word limit, and I was totally stunned to see that no detail was lost even when she trimmed essays from 750 odd words to 600 words. Absolutely amazing!! Needless to say that she took care of all grammatical aspects really well. Word choice to emphasize certain aspects was also fantastic that helped pruning words.

Lastly, I was extremely happy with her turnarounds as we finished our work quickly. Our last 3 essays finished in an average of 3-4 days.

I had a great time working with Poonam. She takes a lot of interest in your application, and it reflects in the work that is produced. Even after wrapping up the application, I kept in touch with her whenever I had any questions/concerns, and she promptly responded back.
I have received 3 admit offers (Smith, Carlson, and Boston) with generous scholarships. As a re-applicant, I couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks a lot for your help, Poonam. I've waited so long for this moment (3 GMAT attempts and 2 application seasons) and was over the moon when I saw the Smith mail(my first admit). Your guidance was key and it helped me better my application 100x when compared to last year.

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