I signed up for MER services as I was looking for support on my MBA application for Mcgill and Concordia. After thorough research, I realized MER had supported students with a lower-than-average GMAT score to get into their desired business school. Given my GMAT was lower than average, I decided to go ahead with MER. Also, compared to other editing services, MER charged reasonable prices for its services.

The free consultation was helpful as it made me connect with Poonam better. Also, through this session, I understood that Poonam is very serious about her work and has strict guidelines an applicant should follow, something which I admire in mentors.

Then the long counseling session helped me understand the real ask behind each essay question and the resume. Poonam answered all my questions and helped me get the bigger picture.

Poonam supported me a lot with my stories. On my first session, I thought I had nothing to tell on a personal level, however, the more time I spent on Poonam’s feedback, the more I realized I have a lot to tell. This helped me craft top-notch essays with relevant content.

The feedback Poonam shared in her edits helped me organize my story better and draft it in a clear flow. Poonam helped me input diverse synonyms in my essays. Her ability to bring down the word count to the required word count without losing the flow and meaning was amazing.

Poonam helped me quickly move from a professional resume format to an academic resume format. She also helped me add an exceptional Extracurriculars section, something which I never thought I had enough stories for.

The LOR process was smooth and helped improve the quality of my recommendations. Throughout our engagement, Poonam answered all my queries quickly and clearly. I felt free to ask her the silliest of questions as she managed to create an open culture. Her response time was on point! It helped me not to over-stress and helped me avoid the fear of last-minute delays.

Working with Poonam was a great experience. The level of service met my expectations. The challenging process of an MBA application was made smoother and more organized with the support of Poonam. Yes! The content on the MER website describes the actual experience. I am happy to say that I have received an offer of admission from both, Mcgill and Concordia! I really appreciate your support and would like to thank you for the guidance! I will definitely recommend the service to prospective applicants.

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