I had the pleasure to work with Poonam for a period of 2 years. First, in 2021, when I was applying for the MBA program at McGill and Concordia, the two best business schools in Canada. Second, in 2022, when I applied to several MBA programs in California (UC Los Angeles [UCLA], UC San Diego [UCSD], and UC Irvine).

Getting accepted to these top schools was a challenge for me as my GMAT score was lower than the average score requirement for all schools (My GMAT Score was 610/800).

Given the situation, my only chance to succeed was to ensure all other aspects of my application were world-class. To achieve that, I decided to seek the support of an MBA consultant. As I was looking for a consultant online, I came across Poonam’s profile, and given the positive feedback online about her, I took a chance and partnered with her on this journey. Now, I can easily say that I was LUCKY to have come across her profile!

I worked with Poonam in 2021 on the MBA application at McGill, Canada and received my letter of admission from McGill! I received admission offer from both - McGill and Concordia , but my student visa to Canada was rejected, so I shifted my focus to business schools in the USA.

In 2022, I worked with Poonam on the applications of several schools based in California (mentioned above), among which was UCLA - the school of my dreams! When I first considered UCLA, I was almost convinced I would never be accepted as my GMAT was way below the school average (the school GMAT average is 710, and my GMAT score was 610). I believed I had no chance of being accepted.

Despite that, Poonam inspired me to look at the strength of my application on a holistic level and motivated me enough e to take a chance with UCLA. For 3 weeks, I worked with her on polishing my essay story and CV. Her guidance helped me highlight my strengths and organize my essays in a structured and simple, yet sophisticated manner.

She also suggested that I write an optional essay clarifying the reason behind my low GMAT score. My reason was that I have test anxiety.

With Poonam’s support, I demonstrated my quantitative skills by highlighting the quantitative nature of my work and my involvement in analytically driven projects. After having gone through 3-4 rounds of feedback, I was able to craft an excellent application.

And guess what! I GOT INTO UCLA WITH A 610 GMAT SCORE!!

What I thought was impossible came true with Poonam’s support! I am forever grateful to her. (I also received admission offers from UCSD and UC Irvine.)

I advise every student facing similar challenges to work with Poonam. Without her I would have never made it to UCLA! Her passion and urge to help students get to their dream school is what makes her exceptional. She will surely help you reach your goals despite the odds!

Stephanie Panossian,