I signed up for myEssayReview to get some help on my essays with two weeks left on the application deadline. I am a re-applicant, and I applied only to Booth. I got all my application material in place except for my essays, which I felt needed some unbiased review. I ended up on the GMAT club reading all the reviews and comparing different products, costs, and services offered. After spending a few hours, I decided to go with Poonam and bought the school package from myEssayReview.

Within hours, I got an email from Poonam. I then emailed her my essays and resume; she reviewed them all and scheduled a phone call for the next day. We discussed the plan and I mentioned my concern on the tight deadline. Poonam assured me that the timeline was not that bad and that she had helped other folks with less than ten days left. After the initial one hour meeting, I was a lot more confident than I was before talking to her.

The best part of Poonam's review process is the critique she offers in the first round. The critique offers plenty of advice on areas you have to improve the essay or sometimes even to rewrite the essay. I had to rewrite a couple of my essays. Yes, initially it was tough to digest the fact that I had to rewrite two of my essays with only two weeks left. But it turned out to be a piece of cake with Poonam offering incredible advice and providing me the right direction. She helped me pick the right stories relevant to the context.

Poonam helped me understand what the Ad Com was looking for and provided me the motivation to take time to reflect on my achievements and to put my stories in a chronological order leading up to short term and long term goals. I am sure every one of us has a lot of stories through our experiences and accomplishments but choosing the right ones and presenting them in the right context is what makes the difference and Poonam is a Pro in helping you cherry-pick your stories. Also, she did an excellent job of keeping track of the word limit and offering advice on the language (remember a Ph.D. in English and a teacher with 30 years of teaching experience).

I think the key lies in understanding the critique and incorporating the advice by bringing out and presenting the best in you. I was able to wrap up all of my four essays in nine days. I was impressed with how the essays shaped up.

And, yes I got admitted into Booth for Winter 2015, which wouldn't have been possible without Poonam's valuable services.

Poonam, I don't think I can thank you enough for accepting to work with me on such a tight deadline. You have helped me wrap up the essays in nine days, which is incredible! I appreciate all the valuable guidelines and the comments you provided me to bring the best out of me and reshape my essays. I clearly see that I made the right choice by choosing myEssayReview.It was a wonderful experience working with you and I thank you for helping me with my application and to get into Booth! You are awesome and I wish you the best in your future endeavors!

I highly recommend Poonam for anyone looking for help on their essays and you can clearly see the difference once the essays are finalized.

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Srinivas ,