I signed up for MER services for help and guidance with MBA application essays and resume. After the first review of resume and essays, we had two long counseling sessions on Zoom. What I liked the most was that though each session was scheduled for 1 hour, Poonam did not bother about how long it took until we got the perfect outcome. It was good to be asked questions about my motivation to apply for MBA. Poonam made me think deeper and dig into myself and be clear about my own objectives as well as background. It helped me to articulate my thoughts. Here are my thoughts on each aspect of the process :

1. Resumé building:

Before this year, I had never thought about building my resume for a generic or business-focused role. My resume was completely technical and full of very industry-specific jargon. Poonam helped with picking out what was important and then translating the technical achievements to plain English while keeping the impact of the achievement. The call helped as I was able to explain what exactly I had done, and Poonam updated my resume and took notes in the call.

2. Essay Help- Content (Understanding profile and positioning of stories):

This was the step I enjoyed the most while working with Poonam. The discussions we had on the zoom call were very introspective for me, and Poonam helped me clarify my own goals and desires and then put them down into words. With the zoom meeting, I was able to put my thoughts into the right words and make a meaningful impactful essay.

3. Structure/ organization: (Organizing details to make the story flow better):

This was all Poonam – I completely used her pointers to create an interesting coherent flow in my essays. I would have been totally lost without this guidance. It helped to have some pointers for the structure and for me to think about what experiences I wanted to share and establish a flow that would keep my readers interested.

4. Editing Skills (Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation):

I was expecting Poonam to be great at this from all the reviews I had read, and the outcome was just as expected. She is an editing genius and helped keep my essays within word limit while also keeping the gist and main ideas impactful enough.

5. Answering queries:

I received some good suggestions and out-of-the-box answers to my questions that I posted in my drafts. Poonam was never pushy, but her experience definitely showed through all the answers to questions I had.

6. Turnarounds (Response time):

Just as expected and agreed upon – Poonam was very prompt to reply and always communicated if at all any turnaround was going to be late. I really appreciated her keeping me in the loop and openness.

I will recommend Poonam to anyone who is seeking advice to write great essays for MBA applications. Poonam helped me clarify my own reasons for an MBA. It was great having discussions over zoom meetings and just talking to Poonam as a person. She brought out my strengths and unique capabilities in the essays. I am delighted to say that I have received an admission offer from the Wharton EMBA program.