I decided to sign up for myEssayReview services because of many reasons. First, Poonam is highly experienced and by choosing myEssayReview I could work directly with her. Secondly, a lot of positive and detailed comments from previous candidates made me feel confident in choosing her. And lastly, the price is reasonable and far less expensive than other consultant companies.

Although my spoken English is not so good, the one-hour session I had with her went along smoothly. We exchanged information about my background/ motivation; Poonam soon drew an outline for the service procedure and timeline of my application and provided a lot of useful suggestions I have never thought of. She was not only concerned about details but also watchful on the big picture. All the guidelines she suggested related closely to my motivations and career goals. Besides, she kept a great balance between the stories. I made a big mistake when drawing an outline for the video essay. Poonam soon addressed all the invalidities and helped me improve a lot in the 2nd version. Besides, she gave me very useful tips on improving my first video essay.

I would say, Poonam’s editing is super effective. Poonam can always find ways to trim the essays without affecting the contents. In the final version, we were able to meet all the word-limits with no problem. Poonam corrected my sentence structure punctuation and grammar errors and helped me choose the right words. At first, I felt she is a bit strict but soon realized that it is highly necessary. With her expertise and dedicated revisions, my essays improved significantly, and I was more than satisfied when we had the final version of my essays.

Poonam’s response time is faster than what is mentioned on her website. I could always get the reply very soon, sometimes even within a few hours. Yes, from the beginning to the end she always got back to me on time. That is why we could effectively meet the tight deadline.

I am accepted by my dream school. Tons of thanks Poonam for your consistent help during my application process! As I say it has been my best of luck choosing to work with you, and I would definitely recommend myEssayReview to other candidates.

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