I had gone through some of the sample essays on MER website, which appealed to me, and hence I decided to seek her help. I shared my first drafts of essays with her; she reviewed them and scheduled a meeting for discussion. That one-hour session was excellent, and I gained useful tips from the interaction. Throughout the process, her guidelines and suggestions were very appropriate and relevant, which helped me re-edit the essays in a more presentable way. The modifications made by her corrected my errors in the framing of the sentences and other minor grammatical errors. Reducing the essays to the allowed word limit was an area where her help was incredible since you she was able to contain the essay within the limit without changing or omitting the contents of my essay. The turn-around time was excellent and helped me keep up the time frame for submitting my applications since I did not have enough time before the deadline.

I received an admission offer from EDHEC for their MBA program. Thank you, Poonam, for all the help rendered by you.