I cannot say more/enough of good things Poonam did to my application process. She absolutely was the brilliant person to have by my side throughout the entire daunting application process as easy as it could possibly be! When I applied, I felt like I did my best and had an application that was significantly stronger/better than it would otherwise have been without Poonam.

In July 2017, I had a free consultation with Poonam and intuitively understood that she was the right consultant who would take my challenge as personal, and thus I decided to work with her. From that moment I started working with Poonam, and she was there to answer my questions and guide me through the process. I signed up for 3 essay package with MER (myEssayReview). I was so impressed with her thorough, precise, and valuable suggestions and recommendations and editing that I decided to continue working with her and requested her to upgrade me to 14 essays package for 6 other universities. Though she doesn’t have more than 6 essay package on her website, she created a customized 14 essays discounted package for me.

Poonam has an uncanny ability to feel like your friend while providing directions at the same time. Before I started the process, my biggest concern was my age (I was 38 years old at the time of matriculation) and was keen to get into business school this year. I was obviously under tremendous stress. Though I had signed up for an essay package, not school package, I often asked her questions about my school choices and chances of admission that were not part of the package. But she always gave me honest advice on the schools I had better chances at.

Throughout the brainstorming process, Poonam was easy to speak to and guided me to think about what I wanted the admissions committee to know about me and how I could make that into a great story. Additionally, I never felt like Poonam was “telling” me what I had to write about. Rather, Poonam helped me to see some critical gaps in my stories I was sharing with her, fill those gaps, and craft those into thoughtful essays.

When I was writing my essays, Poonam’s feedback always pushed me to give that one extra detail that I believe showcased more about who I am and made me a stronger applicant. Poonam would ask questions like “Can you think of another 2 examples when you did X?” or “Don’t you think this would have been a perfect beginning for XXXX essay?” or “Tell me more about Y. Why did you do it? How?” Her comments were thoughtful but also encouraged me to be more self-aware about the candidate that I was presenting to the admissions committees.

Poonam, it was a great journey of knowledge that you have shared with me. I have learned a tremendous amount of techniques starting from how to write different parts and types of essays, how to outline, and how to draft different types of essays. I am deeply grateful for your assistance in many ways - from giving free advice regarding my school choices, editing my essays. You did an ABSOLUTELY great and amazing job. You are truly a unique person with vast experience in the MBA application process. I wish I could meet you earlier so that I could have had enough time for a more thorough process of analyzing MBA programs. And thank you for being patient and listening to my concerns over my application to all my MBA programs. You definitely have met many people in your life and I would say that you are a psychologist knowing what the candidate is all about. That’s why I trusted you and shared with you all my concerns. 

I would say without hesitation that Poonam would make a huge impact on my professional development in the future. She has made my dream of getting my MBA degree from top business school realistic now. The results of her work speak for themselves.

Above all, Poonam was my biggest support throughout the process. I applied to nine schools (admitted to 1, waitlisted at 2) I did not sign up for interview prep service, but when I started to prepare for interviews, Poonam gave me honest, candid advice while encouraging me to think positively. Choosing Poonam was the right decision and best choice I have ever made in my application process – WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BRILLIANT LADY!

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