I signed up with MER to receive guidance on my application for three schools. Since I was short on time when I first contacted MER, the 1-hr Zoom session for me was perhaps not as much about understanding my profile but more about reviewing my Resume and Essays for one of the Schools. I was satisfied with my experience and got some really helpful insights. However, I would have liked to have contacted her earlier and benefitted from her expertise in extracting the most effective stories from my life.

Poonam’s Resume Review service is what I consider most useful for me personally. She spent a lot of time during our 1-hour Zoom call helping me make my Resume elements sharper. There was a considerable difference between my pre-and post-MER Resumes. I feel the improved resume really made me a more confident applicant not just at the application stage but also during my interviews. Considering that I did not have much time for LoR review, I could just take one set of edits from her. If I had more time, I could have effectively leveraged her services for this application component, too.

I do not think we had much time for Poonam to understand my profile and harness that to position my stories. So, we focused more on how to better the stories/drafts I had already considered/ presented. Poonam is excellent at seeing the bigger picture and really distilling the key takeaways from an applicant’s story/ essay. This allows her to see the value of each paragraph/line and make effective improvements in the structure/ organization to present a coherent narrative. Poonam’s razor-sharp focus on cutting any clutter to show only the most impactful elements of the essay allows the essay writer to think and write freely and present the best drafts without worrying about the word limit.

MER’s turnarounds were as promised and very predictable. This was extremely important for me as I was running on a tight schedule. I really appreciate Poonam’s going beyond your call of duty on multiple occasions and reviewing two essays instead of one on a single day or working on a weekend to help me meet an impending deadline. I really enjoyed working with Poonam, found her services extremely helpful for my application, and would enthusiastically like to recommend her services to prospective applicants.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I have been admitted to the Chicago Booth Class of 2023. I have also been offered a scholarship of $40,000 spread over two years. I can't thank her enough for the value that she added to my application and for her exceptionally useful guidance.

Shekhar Iyer,