I was looking for a professionally acclaimed management consultant to guide me through the INSEAD GEMBA admission application. I then came across MER services on the GMAT Club with good ratings and feedback, and after browsing the MER services website and noting the package prices which I compared to other consultants, I decided to sign up for MER services.

The first counseling session with Poonam was comprehensive, and she spent a good amount of time connecting with me at a personal level and understanding my professional background. She took notes of every detail I shared with her, which was very impressive, and encouraged me to start writing those details in the essays.

The second counseling session was 2 hours long in which we went through all the essays and resume where Poonam explained and made me understand what all improvements I had to make and what all questions I needed to address. She was clear with her approach as to where the stories should fit and where the content should be to the point to address the essay topics. I was impressed when she referred to her notes from the first counseling session and suggested I insert specific stories.

Poonam asked relevant questions to test and made me understand how the essay structure should be and how to make the story flow better. Poonam’s editing skills are very impressive as she used the right words to make the sentences short and to the point, which were grammatically correct. She is so good with sentence structures that she managed to reduce my draft essays of 700 words to 299 words limit.

Poonam was very polite in providing me feedback on my resume even though my resume needed many changes. She explained the purpose of resumes for admissions in business schools compared to resumes made for job applications and what the admission committee would like to see. She provided me with a resume template and a few samples to give me an idea of what a great resume looks like. She made my resume impressive by helping me use the right structure and quantify the content. She included all my achievements and hobbies. With the result, my final resume reflected the essays in a crisp way.

She gave me clear instructions on how to present LOR contents. Her guidance helped me guide my recommenders and make sure that the LORs were in line with my essays and resume to remove any inconsistencies.

Poonam is very good and prompt in answering the queries through email within a day as she respects and values the candidate's time and efforts in finalizing the essays, resume, and LORs to meet the agreed timeline. If needed, she is very open to organize a video call to make the candidate understand. She was very prompt in giving very concise and sensible feedback, and her turnaround time was not more than 24 hours at max. Poonam is very clear about her advice, and she knows what she is suggesting to us to do with the essays. She made sure that the final documents are perfect for submission.

Poonam met all my expectations, whatever I thought of having in my consultant, including the nominal package prices. As a result, I have an admission offer from INSEAD. Poonam is a true professional. She is a very knowledgeable, experienced, and humble person. She ticked all the boxes for me as a consultant, and the package prices are great for the services provided. Also, the MER website is an amazing source of information to write essays, resumes, and LORs. I referred to the website almost every time to understand the essay topics.

I consider myself very lucky that I decided to work with Poonam, and fortunately, she had the spot available for me to guide me through the application process.

Without any thought, I will recommend her to other applicants as she has the magic wand to make our essays attractive and impressive for admission in the top business schools.

Thank you very much, Poonam, for helping me to get into INSEAD’s Global MBA program; otherwise, it was an impossible goal for me. You made my dream come true.

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