I am an e-GMAT student, and I got to know about Poonam Mam from a free session via e-GMAT. I instantly liked it, then I read a few more reviews about her and her dedication towards admission consulting. I wanted to work with her the day I got over with my GMAT.
After my GMAT, I contacted Poonam mam. She was on a work tour but nevertheless she replied to my email and said that she would have free session with me, the first thing when she comes back. I was still left with another attempt to my GMAT exam and was in a dilemma whether to start the application work. She kept her promise, she remembered me and set up a session with me. The session lasted well beyond the stipulated time. She was so very patient and heard my confusion, my various questions and tried to answer them all. She advised me to finish off with my exam and then concentrate on my applications as I could not have managed both. She never tried to persuade me to take her services instead gave me all knowledge she could impart about applications so that I take the best decisions. Not many consultants do such a thing!
She was so warm and honest. I decided that day that I will work her. We finally started working on my Oxford Application and LORs. She was so very punctual about the work she delivers, she was always before time, answered all queries over mail, our first essay drafting session was so useful: she explained each and everything we could put in the essay, all the changes she wanted me to make, the positives and negatives. I felt very confident about the final product. After I reworked the essay, I could feel the difference. She was so detailed in her reviews that you would not have any doubts. The final product was crisp and perfect. I was very happy with my application from within. I joined her on a very short notice but even then, she made sure I had my essays perfectly written and before time. I admire the fact that she is so organized. I am a very anxious person who is not very organized and very fussy about the products I need to make. Poonam mam was very patient, structured and knew the art of perfection. She was also worried about the sleepless nights I was spending for application and took out time to inquire about my health, advised me to take care and not be so stressed.
Though I did not make it to Oxford, I was very happy with my application and confident too. I knew essays were not the reason I could not get in. I got admits from a number of universities where I used the LORs edited by her. Even now, when I mail her regarding which university to join, she promptly replies, gives suggestions and asks me for further queries.
Poonam mam is one of the best persons I have come across, along with the professionalism and commitment she is a wonderful person besides being the best consultant. I will work with her in future when needed and do recommend her services!

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Saheli Ghosh,