I felt pretty confident in my overall ability as an MBA applicant, so I was not necessarily looking for a complete MBA consultant package. Instead, I searched mainly for a consultant that would help me ‘tell my story’ through my essays. Telling a story can be difficult, and it becomes incredibly more challenging when you only have 300 words to do so. After researching many other MBA consulting groups and their “a la carte” services, I decided to sign up for the free evaluation session with myEssayReview. Based on the research I had done, the evaluation session, and the reviews on GMAT Club, I knew that myEssayReview would be the resource I would need to succinctly tell my stories in as much detail as possible.

The 1-hour initial meeting that we had after Poonam did the first review of my resume and essays was VERY helpful. The questions that were asked about each essay helped me come up with a plan on how to tackle the first rewrite of each piece. When it would come time to work on the next essay, I would simply pull out the notes I had taken from our initial review and use them as guidelines to rebuild the essay. The initial review gave me the toolset and understanding I needed so that I never felt unprepared when I was doing my personal edits.

From Poonam’s feedback, I could understand how a reader (knowing nothing of the story I was trying to tell) would interpret the details and what questions they would ask. Those questions helped me eliminate unnecessary explanations while bolstering the areas in my story that not only drew the most attention, but also helped most to support the final conclusion. The guidelines she provided for the structure of my essays were very logical and, once followed, made my stories flow so much more clearly. I felt that my initial essays told a story adequately, but were difficult to follow and left readers asking a lot of questions. By reading through each detail carefully and showing me how it all pieced together, she was able to design a framework for each story that flowed naturally and was simply easier to read and understand.

Moreover, Poonam’s ability to trim my word count was very effective. In fact, I was very impressed at times when I would receive an edited draft back from her and see she had cut large groupings of words with no negative impact to the story! It’s amazing to me to see how many unnecessary words I would write simply because I thought that they were required, when in fact the entire idea could be replaced with 3-4 words and retain the overall impact of the detail.

I was very happy with Poonam’s stylistic design and word choice. I felt that the improvements she suggested made the story flow much more clearly, while showing the necessary writing finesse. Once completed, my essays demonstrated a solid mastery of intellectual writing that is necessary at the MBA education level. Also, turn-around was fantastic! I could always count on her timeliness, and I never felt rushed or worried that we wouldn’t have time to complete all of my essays. In fact, Poonam even notified me of her personal vacation scheduled close to Emory’s deadline and worked diligently to help me finish my application two weeks early! To the highest degree, she always gave me excellent feedback and helped me submit the absolute best work I could have submitted, which is exactly what I was looking for in our partnership.

Poonam was a pleasure to work with, and I loved discussing my stories with her! I didn’t feel like she was simply there to help me do my work and then move on. Rather, she took an interest in my stories and asked genuine questions about me and my life, which, in turn, helped me write even better and in more detail. I would GLADLY recommend Poonam to friends and colleagues, as well as anyone who is looking for the perfect resource to help them get the most out of their MBA essays. In fact, I’ve already passed on her contact information to someone I met at a networking event.

Poonam helped me turn my ideas into wonderful short stories that obviously appealed to the Ad Com immensely. I am admitted to Emory for both the 1-year and 2-year programs with generous merit-based scholarship: $45,000 if I choose the 1-year program and $60,000 if I choose the 2-year program. My main choice is the 1-year program as my background and post-MBA goals fit well into that program's rigor and accelerated curriculum, and I believe getting back into the workforce quicker is most ideal.

Poonam was an incredible resource, and I am so thankful for her personal hard work and dedication to my MBA dreams.

Ryan Brown,