I read some of the sample essays, resume which Poonam had helped students write and really liked the authenticity and structure of the essays. I wanted to work on my essays for Texas McCombs which had unique essay topics and thus Poonam was the perfect choice. To start with Poonam plans a skype call for one-hour to understand the applicant. This turned into a 2-hour session because of our detailed discussion on every point in the resume and draft essays. Poonam provided detailed inputs and a great feedback. She asked questions to pull out information which made me think of ideas I had not thought of before. She answered all my questions effectively. With this session, she understood my background both personal and professional asking questions about my family, hobbies, goals etc. We were able to come up with relevant and interesting stories for each essay.
Poonam is truly amazing when it comes to organizing ideas and making the story flow in a logical narrative. She did that for essays of both my schools. Again, she is able to rephrase sentences, choose more effective words which helps in bringing the essay to the allowed limit. She also makes you think of ways to do that by putting in comments and suggestions. She answered all my questions at every point and covered everything.

She is a stickler of timelines and makes sure to respond in 24-48 hours. She is very organized, and the entire process is very smooth. She kept me informed, well in advance, about her planned leaves.

My experience of working with Poonam was the best. I could not have asked for anything more. She is a very warm and organized person. She gives great inputs and helped me become a better writer. She encourages you to make your essays and resume more powerful. She put in a lot of effort into editing each component of my application. I would definitely recommend Poonam to all prospective application.

Just to add, my mom also read all the essays, resume, and LORs. She really liked all of it too, and she commented that I've evolved into a better writer through the process of working with you.

Thank you, Poonam. I got selected in McCombs with 30K scholarship. This could not have been possible without your help and inputs!!!!