I signed up with MER after reading excellent reviews of MER on the GMAT Club. MER was also recommended by e-GMAT. In the skype sessions, Poonam Ma’am discussed my profile, goals, and prospects at length. I got a lot of handholding during tumultuous times as I did not have much exposure in the application process. She made untiring efforts to finalize my resume in a way that spoke about my achievements and caliber. Also, Poonam ma’am displayed a lot of patience with up to 6 edits on my resume.

Ma’am spent a lot of time with me to better understand me as a professional and as a person. Her inputs regarding my drafts were insightful and crisp that focused on my goals and virtues. I am sure this helped Ad. Com to better value my candidature.

She was very particular about how cogent my essays were. The structure suggested by her made sure that there was a flow of information that displayed a timeline and chronology for better comprehension and understanding.

Poonam Ma’am understood the information handicap I was facing during the application process. Many times, upon finding me overwhelmed, she scheduled calls to help me better understand the situation and the demand of the school applications. She went out of the way to help me emphasize my candidature given that I have a very unconventional profile (doctor + civil servant). It was a challenging task to streamline my goals with my chosen path. Poonam Ma’am came to the rescue. She is a scholar herself. Her command over English in terms of grammar, punctuation, etc. is unparalleled. I was especially grateful to her to help me trim my responses to the prescribed word limit.

Promptness is a distinctive feature of MER. The commitments made at the time of starting the process were always adhered to. The turnaround time of MER is better than that of many other consultants.

Also, I had a very professional mock interview session with her. The insights provided at the end of the mock were beneficial. Many of the questions were in tune with my interview for Kellogg. I am happy to be accepted by an M7 program- Kellogg.

I have already recommended MER to 3 prospective candidates.

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