Yay!! I made it to the Chicago Booth weekend program for spring 2016. I can't exactly describe how happy I am today. My interview was last weekend, on 8 Jan, at the bleacher center, and got the result this afternoon. Thank you so much for your expert guidance ...I stumbled across your service/ profile on the GMAT club forum, and I am so glad I did!!.

Working with you was an extremely enriching experience for me. You helped me immensely with my essays and recommendation letters from start to finish. Not only this, in times of dilemma in choosing stories, but you also guided me in the right direction. You are very professional and thorough to work with. I was seriously impressed by your personalized attention to all my essays and LORs, unlike other cookie-cutter consultants. I know I have tried your patience initially with me delaying my app's start date. But nevertheless, you helped me sail through this whole process well before time.

I followed your advice verbatim for the interview. And it was spot on... I have gotten an invite from Kelley too, and I am pretty confident I will get one from Kellogg, too, if I submit, but it would be too foolish to throw Booth convert away. First interview and first convert of the season ... Could not have started 2016 on a better note. My new year is really Happy!!! Thank you for being the Krishna of this Arjuna. Words can't thank you enough!! I would recommend you to anyone I know in a heartbeat.

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