The main reason to sign up for MER services was to get personalized advice from an experienced professional. MER being a one-person company, all the clients are handled by Poonam and Poonam alone. The 1-hour skype session was very productive and helpful in finalizing essays’ content. After a 1-hour skype session, Poonam had a very good understanding of where my strengths and weaknesses are. I feel, after editing, my essays were totally revamped- better in organization and coherent in communicating the main idea.

She has excellent editing skills, especially reducing words without omitting critical information from the essays. Also, I found her very proactive in replying to my queries, as I had many since I was applying for the first time. She is a stickler of timelines and always responded within the agreed timeline/ deadline.

I had a very pleasant experience working with her.

I have been admitted to Said Oxford. Thank you so much for your diligent support and guidance along the way. I really appreciate the efforts you put into making my candidacy stronger for Said Business School. I shall most definitely recommend Poonam services to other prospective applicants.

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Rishi Raj,