Your approach was always of a teacher not just giving the solution but showing the direction and letting me go through the motion to build my own stories.

I was applying for EMBA and was looking for someone with more depth and perception of how to present a candidate with years of experience’s in an effective way. I was really impressed by your blog and reflection and decided to give a try. The initial conversation confirmed that I made the right choice. You could understand the difference in the essay style for an EMBA to a full time MBA and it was reflected once we were done with all the essays. The best essays are those which reflect the stories about you. Not everyone is good at self-reflection. The guidelines helped a candidate like me to put my thoughts in perspective and then express them in stories.

Secondly some stories bring strong emotions and character and the guideline help to highlight those stories for the essay. It worked really well for me. The first draft of my essays was just chronological representation of the event happened in my career. I did not realize the essay need not be full of big words but more of thought process to show the real you. The structure and framework she provided helped me to put my chronological events in a manner to showcase my candidacy in the best manner to the school.

When you start an essay you are thinking will I be able to meet the word limit, once you are done you are wondering is it real. Did I really write all this and now I need to shrink it to meet the world limit? It was always a big challenge for me to stay within the word limit. You were really amazing replacing sentences with the word so that it still conveys the same meaning and achieve the word limit constraints. Looking at the transformation of the essay with awe I realized your grasp of the language and your infinite vocabulary is what makes you an exceptional consultant. Here I would like to quote your My Reflections blog “American English vs. British English”. I know English is English but I guess it is still different how we have learnt it. You have mastered the difference and able to understand the background, that my style portrays more of British English than American which helps in providing correct suggestions.

You were really punctual and made sure once the essays are submitted to you the response is provided within 24 to 48 hours. This kept me on track since you were expecting same kind of response from me. It’s mutually beneficial so that we don’t lose the sight of completing the application on time. Although you were a paid consultant to provide input on the essays, the services went above and beyond in making sure all of my needs were met in timely manner. You were more worried about keeping me focused on the deadline than myself. Your approach was always of a teacher not just giving the solution but showing the direction and letting me go through the motion to build my own stories. If needed, I will use your services again and will also recommend you to anyone who is applying admission to a graduate program.

Rakesh ,