Poonam has provided extensive reviews on my essays, recommendations and resume. When I compared final version with the first draft of my essay, I was really surprised to see the sheer change in the story building. I liked her approach of review and suggestions. When I finished first college essays, looking at the quality of the final versions, I extended my contract for other 4 colleges as well. I got interview calls from Tippie, Mays, and Kelley and am accepted by Kelley on 70% scholarship, but this is all Poonam's effort that made me think through about my past experiences and cultural backgrounds and to work hard to meet the deadlines of schools. Her turnaround time is the most outstanding part of the application package. Many a times, I forgot to send the drafts of the essays, but she always reminded me for the deadlines and sent feedback to me on or before the time.

Poonam has always provided the feedback to make the content story like. She always emphasized to bridge the gaps on the story and helped me think through my past experiences and cultural background. Her review comments on the recommendations were to the points and compelled my recommenders to think more about my work experience.

She always emphasized to make flow in the chronological order of the events and to build the essays story like. She always asked me to put the content relevant to the questions asked. Many a times, when I deviated from the main question, she asked me to focus on the specific details questions asked and provide relevant details after cutting fluff in the essay. Also, she helped me analyze my past experience and even the goals in the career, something that I never thought about seriously before and that is very important before applying to any B school. It was an excellent experience; she always asked me to put full story first without worrying about the word limit. Then she helped in trimming the essays and put only relevant and structured sentences in the essays. This really helped me building an efficient story in the end.

She always emphasized on precise sentences and made sure that story is not becoming monotonous. I generally use normal vocabulary in my writing; she made my stories great by adding good and more meaningful vocabulary in the story. She always made sure that my essays are grammatically correct and that there were no disconnected elements in the story.

Thanks Poonam for all your support in my applications! I would strongly recommend your application services to other applicants. I am sure that had I not availed your services, I would not have been able to apply to so many colleges in such a less time.

Rajeev Kumar,