I was looking for help with my resume review and essay review. When I browsed through My Essay Review (MER) site, I really liked Poonam's essay samples for various executive MBA programs. The feedback provided by her clients on various websites was also quite impressive. Encouraged by these reviews, I decided to give My Essay Review a shot by signing up for a free introductory call.

My first call with Poonam was an introductory call where she tried to learn about my profile. What really struck me was her enthusiasm and positive attitude for my success. She was extremely transparent about turnaround times and did not try to "over promise" her services. Even before I signed up as her client, Poonam offered a few suggestions on my resume. I liked Poonam's candid approach and signed up for the essay review and resume review services.

There are several things that I really appreciated about MER services. First and foremost, Poonam's process was very methodical. Every time we met for a phone discussion, both of us were on the same page regarding the goals for the meeting and turnaround times. This really helped in planning my application submission tasks as I was juggling a lot of things.

Secondly, Poonam has a knack for storytelling. Her discovery process for unearthing "aha" moments were spot on and very convincing. She asked the right questions to uncover hero stories from my professional and non-profit experience. The storytelling technique was useful to further refine my resume and essays so that my unique marketing handle stood out as a candidate. Very very important for a successful MBA application.

Lastly, throughout the process, I knew that Poonam cared about my success. She was very empathetic, encouraging yet candid. In my opinion, a very important but challenging set of qualities a consultant must possess.

When I completed my essays and resume, I felt very confident about my chances. I also enjoyed the process and learned a few strategies regarding the "Storytelling" process.

Overall, I am very satisfied with My Essay Review and recommend My Essay Review's services for anyone looking to embellish their essays or resume and get their true story out in the best possible manner!

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