I Joined up With MyEssayReview for the Summer 2017 Applications. I did a very wide assessment of consultants and finalized with myEssayReview because I felt Poonam understood me very well. Even after a month of our first skype call of 10 minutes she remembered my details. I was very impressed by this fact that she remembered the entire details of a free trial call also.

My target schools were not clear at first but after the 1 hour skype call that I had with Poonam Tandon, i was very clear about my future approach.

She not only understood my profile but also gave me a very true assessment about my chances at various target schools.

She insisted that I re-take my Gmat (660 V35 Q49) as it was the only weak link in my application, but I did not have the time to prepare for GMAT again.

As the application process went on her astute attention to detail and brilliant editing skills impressed me a lot. I was very confident that I had taken the correct decision by working with her.

Post the application process she guided me with the interviews as well.

In the end the weak link mentioned by her turned to be the achilles heel in my application as I failed to convert my interview calls from Krannert and Jones due to my low GMAT score.

It was only due to her guidance and help that even with such a low score I was able to get interview calls from two of the best business colleges. Throughout the application process, she was very helpful. She understood my life experiences and was very ruthless about them as to what makes the cut for a good application story and what does not.

Any prospective applicant looking for a consultant with personal attention and personal guidance should definitely contact Poonam Tandon at myEssayReview.