I signed up for a 3- schools comprehensive package with MER for getting better guidance and support from an expert to shape up the resume and write essays. I was happy with the services from day one. The counseling session for school selection was beneficial as she pointed out how various other factors besides the GMAT score range plays a role in shortlisting Schools. After selecting schools, we started working on stories. The initial questionnaire Poonam made me fill out was extremely helpful as it already had all the questions which ultimately provided stories for almost all the B school essays that I applied to.

For all the essays, the initial idea on what to write, how to proceed, and what stories to select through the questionnaire was beneficial in writing the best possible version of my stories. It was beyond my imagination how she helped with the structure and organization of all my essays and made the story flow so smoothly. MER's editing skills are excellent- not only in correcting my grammar part but also in trimming the essays to the specified word limit. Most of the time I thought it was not possible to remove a particular sentence or reduce the word limit. Still, she edited and reorganized it in such a way that none of my stories were unsaid, and yet everything was well within the word limit. The resume building was excellent. In the course of 4 edits, my resume was transformed into a robust one-page MBA resume that highlighted my professional growth, accomplishments, academic career, extracurricular activities, and volunteer work. I liked how she made me write three to four lines for each role and then edited it to just one-liner, making my resume look incredibly professional.

To me, MER is a complete professional when it comes to answering queries. Even though she said she would not get back on weekends, on more than one instance, she replied to my emails even on weekends, which was extremely helpful to me, given my time constraints at work. As stipulated on the MER website, her response time was never more than two days, and at the same time, she never compromised on the quality of work. In many essays, she helped me with mitigating weaknesses, which I did not realize were pulling down my writing. It is those small corrections and nuances that have helped me develop my writing skills in the long run. Initially, I had a tough time making my recommenders take time and write my LOR, but she was very supportive and understanding even when there was a delay on my part. All the corrections and suggestions have helped me submit a great LOR from my recommenders. The mock interview was spot on. The comprehensive feedback on the mock interview, both verbal and written, was constructive in correcting my mistakes before the real one. I was fortunate that the interviewers in the actual interviews asked me only those questions that we had already discussed in the mock interview.

I appreciate the professionalism Poonam maintained during the entire duration of this process. Even when there was a delay from my side due to unavoidable reasons, she ensured she did her best to make sure that I submitted my applications well before the deadlines.

Poonam, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, support, and patience throughout the application process. I have been accepted into Terry School of Business with Scholarships and Assistantship worth around $30K and Maryland Smith with a $50K Scholarship totally for two years.

Without a doubt, if I come across any prospective students, I will recommend MER services to them.

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