I came across myessayreview on the GMAT club. At that point, I had met a few other consultants but I was not satisfied. I had booked a free consulting session with Poonam. A long initial conversation with her was a morale booster for me and soon, I signed up for the basic school package.

I started working with her on my resume, which we changed to include certain things and remove unnecessary things to make a one-page resume, fine-tuning it to my satisfaction. Later on, we had two one-hour Zoom sessions meets to discuss the stories where we shortlisted nearly ten stories from my life. We further brainstormed on the stories to be used for different essays. She suggested writing an optional essay to explain my education gap and employment gap She reviewed the drafts multiple times until they were perfectly carved. Her response time was often within 24 hrs. She even suggested a framework for my interview preparation.

Overall, she helped me step by step throughout the application process. First, Poonam is a very good human being. I missed out on many deadlines because of personal issues and the GMAT. She understood my issues but at the same time warned me about the delays and consequences, which I faced.

Second, she is a perfectionist and keeps refining until the outcome is fine. Finally, she is professional and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend her services!