I had little confidence in writing essays and overall things that might be required in the MBA application, including resume and short questions, so I needed a second hand. I requested Poonam of myEssayReview for a free consultation. I was able to understand her style of working and felt connected to coordinate with her easily.

After initial reviews, we had one-hour brainstorming session wherein I got feedback for improvements and an overall picture of approaching an essay. Poonam’s suggestions helped me understand what story can make sense and what can be omitted. Somewhat I had expected more to gain from that meeting, but it was still helpful. I used these suggestions and my stories improved. Poonam’s suggestions improved the way I structured essay. For instance, she introduced me to STAR framework which beautified the essays. Also, I was amazed by her ability to bring down the word limit in the essays to present the same content in an even better and concise way.
Although my final essay that I submitted for the 1 school package, Kellogg, was a lot different than what was finalized with Poonam, due to a lot of suggestions that I got from the current students, it was great working with, Poonam. The only thing I feel is the services were overpriced.