There were mainly two reasons why I decided to sign up for myEassyReview services.

First, I had a low GMAT score, and the only things which were strong with my profile were my community service, my goal in life, and my professional accomplishments. I wanted to make sure that I presented all these parts of my profile in such a good way that it would cover for my very low GMAT. And I felt there wouldn’t have been anyone except Poonam who could do that for me. Second, from what I could find about Poonam, I came to know about her honesty and about her straight forwardness, and I wanted someone who could provide an honest feedback. So I requested for free consultation meeting.

The free consultation meeting was as expected. I had mailed Poonam about my plans, goals and the schools that I was targeting before the meeting itself. During the consultation meeting, she provided me with her honest feedback and left everything on me to decide if I wanted to work with her or not. This really made me feel she is someone who is seriously concerned about the future of her students, so I signed up for 1 school package, and we started working immediately. We first worked on the resume and then picked up essays.

I believe the art of putting the right content for the right question is something that Poonam has mastered over the years. All I had to do was to come up with the ideas/stories that I was planning to use for the question and she would give the best of her suggestions. I feel one needs to have years of experience to give the type of suggestions that I received. Thank you Poonam! Another thing I really liked about Poonam’s style was the way she edited essays. It was professional and with all the drafts and edits in the same document you can easily figure out how well your essay has transformed with each edit. For my essays, she connected the dots well and gave a perfect structure.

I believe to bring down the word count is the most difficult part of MBA essay editing. But with Poonam, I would say you can write your content without really caring about word count and leave it up to her to convey the same thing in a more concise manner and I am pretty sure she will be able to do it and that too in the most efficient way. Once she knows your story, she can bring them up in the most beautiful way you would have ever imagined. As for her turnarounds, got all my edits/ re-edits within 36 hours, to be specific. Not only that, Poonam made sure she responded to all my questions/doubts on time and to say the least, despite her busy schedule, she is up to each and every task.

I would say if you are looking for a genuine consultant who would work for your better future, there cannot be anyone better than Poonam. May she continue to help, and I am pretty sure her students will have a great experience working with her. I would also like to request everyone to make sure you do your work before sending drafts to her. I made sure my drafts were written to the best of my ability before sending them to her.

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