I signed up for myEssayReview after trying a professional advice from another consultant that failed to bring interview call from Oxford.

The journey started with 1-hour brainstorming session based on the material I had prepared. During this hour, I could see alarming gaps in the story I had prepared. Based on her experience, she could isolate the problem areas in my long-experienced profile. Along with problems, she also provided valuable advice on forming a relevant and comprehensive account of my story.
The process from thereon was well defined and we took one document at a time, starting with resume, moving on to one essay after another. She has time-tested methodology for conducting material review that makes most of her and the client’s time. It was remarkable to see such professionalism without losing the sight of the goal and gradually moving towards that. She also helped with video pitch and ensured there is no duplication across any material. As a result, I could use the word limit to maximum advantage.

The best part with her is that she takes most of the pressure out of you so that you can think in a direction and eventually reach that near perfect application that will ensure a call from the college. In order to prepare for interview, Poonam provided valuable suggestions, deep insights on interviewer expectations and also directed to her successful students’ interview experiences.
I applied to Imperial, UK and Mannheim for MBA program, received interview call from both. Thanks to Poonam for giving necessary guidance for putting together the coherent picture of my longer work experience.

Wish you good luck and great success with MBA applicants.