I first came to know about myEssayReview in a forum of GMAT Club. I went through the testimonials of many people, who were greatly benefited by the services that they received. The success rate was really high and looking at the success stories of people who made it to their dream schools with the help of these services, offered by Poonam ma’am, I found hope. Also, when I went through the profile of Poonam ma’am, I was really impressed and was confident that, I’ll surely be in good hands if I take the help of someone who is so experienced and great at her job, like Poonam ma’am.

I first requested for free consultation meeting. The half hour discussion gave me knowledge about things I didn’t know till then. Poonam ma’am reviewed my resume, provided her honest assessment of my profile and encouraged me to pursue my dream of getting an admission in my dream school. The free consultation was an enriching experience for me.

We started working and Poonam ma’am scheduled a skype call to discuss the essays and résumé. Even though the initial scheduling of skype call didn’t work in my favor due to power cuts at my place, Poonam ma’am was patient with me and re-scheduled the meeting twice. She clarified all my doubts very patiently. Also, this was the time I put my trust completely in Poonam ma’am. I would rate this session as a 5/5 as it really provided me valuable insights.

I had trouble with choosing the right content, as I didn’t have much exposure in writing essays that have an impact. I was scared in the beginning. But Poonam ma’am, very kindly, advised me, encouraged me and boosted my confidence. The sample essays were a great help initially, as they helped me to write the essay in a proper and valid framework. I was not up to the mark in telling my story, Poonam ma’am’s suggestions helped me dig deeper and brainstorm ideas to present an improved draft next time. Poonam ma’am’s edits after every draft transformed my essays into something that spoke for themselves. Whenever I had difficulty in dividing the content into paragraphs, she offered very helpful suggestions and made my essays more effective.

Also, following the word limits was the most difficult part for me. The content which I wrote was always out of the word limit. Poonam ma’am, patiently went through all the details, and then identified the key points that could stay in the essay. The other details were paraphrased very wisely by her, so that all the important details were present in the essay by the end of the editing process.

After the final editing was done, I was really impressed and amazed at the final version of my essay. It was greatly polished with rich vocabulary and proper grammatical sentences. Poonam ma’am did a great job in making the essays more effective and impactful with the right words at the right places, also making sure that the essays were within the word limit. Poonam ma’am never took more than two days for getting back with the edited version and valuable suggestions. The editing process was quick and efficient.

The overall experience with Poonam ma’am was really enlightening and positive. All through the process, I felt that I was in great hands. The help I received is priceless. Throughout the process, Poonam ma’am has been a wonderful coach and a mentor who went above and beyond to ensure my success at my dream school.

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