While I was looking for guidance to put my experience and story in the best format in front of the business school, I came across Poonam through a lot of research, reading reviews, etc. The one thing I liked about her services is the fact that the end essay will be a true reflection of yourself and has your ideas and writing style. I was completely convinced about her style of working in our initial free consultation call and signed up for her services. I chose the comprehensive package, which included the mock-interview as well.

I had my essays a few pages long and had to be condensed into 400 words, which seemed daunting. After our initial conversation, she took the time to review the essays, and in our initial skype, call we discussed my profile and experience and how to highlight my background and refine the essays. The one-hour session was very comprehensive, where Poonam helped me identify my strengths. She gave me the framework and alternatives to cut down unnecessary words to meet the word limit without compromising on any content and impact. I was thrilled with how the final versions of the essays turned out. When it came to my resume, I believed I had written an excellent resume until Poonam pointed out the missing elements in it and how technical it looked. Her feedback helped me create a compelling resume that will help me with any applications, job, or school in the future.

I had only 4 weeks to the deadline, and the whole process with Poonam in refining my resume and two essays took less than 3 weeks. She is extremely professional, and her turn- around time was always less than 48 hours. With Poonam's help, I was able to submit my application a week in advance.

I was applying to only one school and did not want to leave anything to chance. So I sought Poonam's help for the interview process as well. Her advice and feedback helped me present my candidature very effectively. I felt extremely confident in introducing myself to the panel.

Overall, it was a great experience. I am delighted to say that I am admitted to the EMBA Program at Cornell. I must say Poonam's valuable guidance, as well as her excellent editing skills, was the primary reason for my acceptance to the EMBA.

I will surely recommend Poonam's MER services to anyone needing help with the MBA application.

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Pradeep Sandilya,