I started my application late and there was only about 3 weeks left before the first school's deadline. Poonam accepted my request although it was a very busy time for her. Throughout the 5 weeks that we worked on 3 schools’ applications, Poonam always delivered her edits within the promised time.

Since the first video consulting session, she gave me a lot of recommendations on how to improve my resume. She paid attention to details and provide helpful suggestions to make my resume look less technical. Her questionnaires helped me to brainstorm all my past achievements and goals that later greatly helped me when I wrote essays.

Due to the very tight deadline, we didn’t have much time to discuss the content of the essays before I wrote the first drafts. However, Poonam did a wonderful job in organizing the essays and cutting unnecessary words or sentences to fit my essays within the word count. When some points were not clear, she would ask questions and helped me to better convey my thoughts.

I highly recommend Poonam’s service to other prospective candidates.