I totally recommend working with Poonam Tandon (myEssayReview). Though I first reached out only 72 hours before the deadline for the two essays and resume of one of my applications, she was 100% committed and helped me deliver great results.

My decision to work with Poonam was based on her uniquely strong background. She is a PhD in English Literature, who loves writing, and with proven track record reviewing successful essays and resumes for top-ranked business schools.

We communicated by skype and email, and I always received timely and clear answers that guided me to write more efficiently and effectively. Poonam and I discussed my personal and professional background and then she made sharp suggestions of the strongest topics to address the essay questions. As a result, I confidently chose my topics and focused on developing them. Also, Poonam gave me clear directions about format and structure, along with guidelines to ‘unleash’ my stories in a more compelling and thorough way. Finally, she edited my essays to trim them to the word limits and correct grammatical mistakes. One of the most challenging essays we worked on was the cover letter for MIT, with only 250 words.

Poonam also helped me build a strong resume. First, she provided me with a format that made me gain more space to focus on professional accomplishments. Then, she helped me strengthen every bullet point by choosing appropriate action verbs and focus on the outcomes. Finally, with the structure she suggested, I was able to better highlight other areas such as academic accomplishments and personal interests, making a well-rounded resume.

We worked fast, with turnarounds in less than 24 hours, so despite time constraints, we built strong essays and resume well before each deadline. I would like to mention here that New Year’s Eve was right in the middle of that short period of 72 hours before Ross's deadline. I couldn’t be more grateful to Poonam as she agreed to provide her strong support and advice and turned-around much faster than me. Also, I liked that she didn’t charge extra for rush service.

Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Poonam. She not only provided me with the best possible technical advice, but she also helped me boost my confidence at a point of weakness and tiredness. I had high expectations and the results were far better than expected.

Finally, I got admitted to Ross with a full scholarship. I would recommend the services of Poonam to everyone.

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