Prior to applying for an MBA, I had read great reviews about Poonam. I saw that she was able to help many students get into their dream schools who didn’t have the highest GPA or GRE score (similar to me) which is what made me very hopeful. I knew I wanted a consultant who could bring out the best in my profile, so I signed up for MER services.

The Zoom session during the beginning of this process was very helpful. Poonam really took her time getting to know me – my background, my hobbies, my family, and my work experience. I liked that she made me fill out a questionnaire beforehand to learn about me and suggest ideas for my stories. She got to know me on a personal level, and it made our teamwork even stronger.

The resume-building session was great. I am glad that Poonam gave me feedback on including percentages to quantify my accomplishments because now my resume reads much better and has a stronger impact. I am also glad that she told me to include my college experiences (extracurriculars + volunteers). Had I not had her as my consultant, I would have probably failed to include this and my resume would have lacked lots of vital information.

Poonam took the time to ask follow-up questions to really understand my stories. For one of the essays regarding leadership, I was challenged to think/write about the process + obstacles. Poonam took all my information and polished the essays while still retaining the key elements of the story within the word count. In one of the introductory essays, she also suggested I include more details about my dance passion which I had mistakenly left out. She organized all the details and rearranged my paragraphs to make the essay flow and read better. The hardest piece of this progress was sticking to the word count, but Poonam reworded my sentences so effortlessly while still retaining the entire story. She did a fantastic job with this.

Poonam always replied very promptly within 24-48 hours. Not only did she edit essays, but she also added in comments/questions which made the back-and-forth process easier.

This overall experience with Poonam was fabulous. Not only did she take the time to polish my essays and bring out the best in me, but she also took the time to understand me and know me. Throughout this process, I didn’t just see her as my consultant but more so as a partner. She was very reliable and there with me every step in the process. I worked with her on two schools - Kellogg and McCombs. I interviewed with Kellogg and got accepted into McCombs with a partial scholarship!

I am very happy with her services and I would definitely recommend her to any prospective applicants in the future! Thank you for all your help, Poonam!

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