I came across MER during my search for an MBA consultant to help me with my EMBA applications for top business schools. I went through multiple other MBA consultant websites but found MER unique, after reading through the success stories and experiences of other MER students.

My initial call with Poonam was very affirmative and informational. Initially, I was not even considering applying to top business schools, but after talking to Poonam, I got the motivation and self-confidence that I should apply to top business schools. In my first call, I remember Poonam saying that you will only get a single chance to go through this wonderful application process. I didn’t quite understand it back then, but now after going through the process with her, I understand why. It’s an interesting process where you not only write application essays but also learn how and why you write them and what is admission committee is looking for.

Each counseling session was great and very informational. Poonam is very organized and has the editing process in place to speed up the application process. While writing essays, I learned a lot about myself. Poonam explained to me the STAR method to write situational essays which I am pretty sure will help me in the future. She also pointed out things that the admission committee looks for in LORs and suggested ideas that make your case more promising to the admission committee.

Poonam just didn’t only help build my resume, but also explained the entire process of how I should write the resume and what the admission committee is looking for. I believe it will help me in entire my career. I chuckle when I see my old 2-page resume, which was bad (No wonder, I didn’t get many jobs interview calls). She helped me reduce it to a very brief and concise one-page resume. This will not only help me apply for business schools but throughout the rest of my life.

She is very direct and knows what is important and whatnot.

Poonam not only edited my essays but also helped me pick the best stories to make my case very strong. She knows what stories will be appealing to add to the application. It is very natural for her to read your essay and point out what should go where. Going through the essay writing process, now I see how my essay transformed from my first draft to the final essay. Reading through the final essay, I didn’t believe my stories could be this powerful. She makes sure the essay flows nicely and stories are all lined up to show your candidacy.

Poonam not only makes sure the grammar, and punctuation are correct, but she structures your sentences in a very nice way. In fact, I was never worried about the word limit because I knew Poonam has extraordinary skills to cut down my essays to the allowed word limit without trimming my stories. She also makes sure to use simple words, so it looks like it is written by you and not by an English Professor.

Poonam is very knowledgeable and supportive at the same time. Whenever I had any questions about any of the application steps, I reached out to her, and she was always there to help me with my queries. The response time for essays was less than 12 hours and she made sure that my application was ready before the deadline. She is very responsive if you have any questions about the application process and makes sure that she answers your questions correctly.

One of the best things I learned through this process was learning about myself. She pointed out my weaknesses and highlighted my strengths, making my case realistic and strong at the same time. Personally, I think it is good because you get a very true opinion about yourself and how you are being portrayed to others.

Interview Prep: To be honest, my mock interview with Poonam was more rigorous and realistic than my real interview. It prepared me well for my actual interview with the business school interviewer. Poonam gave me confidence on how to interview and what should and shouldn’t I say during the interview. She made sure I am fully prepared for the interview. I remember, my laptop battery died during my mock interview with Poonam, and I had to leave the mock interview for a few seconds. She pointed out that I should be extra prepared for unusual events like this. She asked relevant questions and provided nice feedback towards the end of the interview. She also sent a detailed written feedback report on the mock interview which is always very helpful to go back and prepare.

I enjoyed the entire application process working with Poonam. One thing I really liked about Poonam is that she works with only 6 candidates at a time. That gives her enough time to read through your stories, understand your point of view, and provide feedback. Sometimes, it even feels like she is only working on your essays because she is totally invested in you. Working with her, I always felt motivated and inspired not only during essays but also during the time I was preparing for my EA exam.

I am happy to inform you that I am accepted into Wharton’s EMBA program. No doubt, I would like to recommend her to the prospective applicants. She has great English background and experience in writing essays for business schools and her style of working with each applicant personally makes her unique. I don’t think you will get the same package as her from another MBA consultant.

Nikhil Gaikwad,