I signed up for myEssayReview because I felt confident working with the CEO of the company, who has vast experience in the field. In our initial email communication, Poonam told me that ten days were not enough to create two essays, I liked her honesty and understood that she was not only about money. Some other consultants I talked to told me that it would take five hours. Communicating with her via email gave me the confidence to trust her with my application. I signed up for her services without talking to her.

I found the Zoom meeting valuable to present my profile and look for the possible routes we could take to achieve outstanding essays. Moreover, I felt she really cared to know the person well and understand his/her abilities to use them in the essays. I am grateful for her help in enhancing my CV and adding value to my essays by not keeping apart essential events in my life.

I really appreciate the effort and commitment she made during the process. Mainly, I would like to thank her for helping me understand that the essays were more about my life's special details and not a general idea with general statements that I was putting in my initial drafts. She took her time to understand my profile and use the best characteristics of my non-professional life to boost the content of the essays.

Organizing the essays was the principal differentiator of working with her. When she gave me the pointers for essays, I found it very easy to write them, especially for the second one. Moreover, the edits were instrumental in making the story more compelling. As a non-native speaker, I felt her reviews were undoubtedly essential for the correct grammar of the essays. She improved the way I connect sentences and paragraphs, making the essays flow better. She answered all my questions very clearly and gave me additional insights to brainstorm and rearrange my ideas.

Poonam’s turnaround is another critical differentiator of her services, and I think she can publicize it more. Despite having plenty of time to complete my essays, it was important to have a quick response from her and know that she did not rush to accomplish the timeline we agreed at the beginning.

Overall, I am very pleased to have worked with Poonam. Her work has exceeded my expectations and made me gain the confidence I needed when I first started looking for guidance. Poonam definitely gave me invaluable help through all the process.

I will definitely recommend Poonam to any students and even hire her again if I decided to continue with further studies in the future.

Thank you!

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