I had several reasons for choosing myEssayReview services. The examples posted in the website show clearly that Dr. Poonam has a methodology to tackle each question. The website is not complicated like her competitors; it shows also how she is simple yet professional. Also, the prices were reasonable for me. Therefore, I have worked with her in 8 essays for 4 business schools.

From the beginning, I understood that Dr. Poonam does not accept the weak content. Her guidelines helped me to dig deeply in myself that brought the best out of me because she read my resume and know more about the candidate. She is really persistent in getting the best out of her students while sometimes the candidates are reluctant or in a rush to finish. I consider that the introduction is the most crucial point in the essay. Once, I get it, the essay starts flowing. She has many smart effective ways for engaging introductions. Her guidelines indirectly prepared me for the Ad Com interviews. She is professional in using the sentence structure and word choice that may eliminate some words to stick to word limits. Beyond my expectations, she trimmed my essays to the allowed word count without jeopardizing the content and the gist behind them. Also, she is highly committed to her rule of 24-48 hours turn around. No delay at all. Throughout the process, Poonam answered all of my queries in a professional and satisfactory way.

However, due to family issues, I decided not proceed this year. Therefore, I will deal with her again in next year, in case there is any change in the essays but I will add the resume review service. She understood me well and I’m comfortable when dealing with her. She cares about and treats the candidates as her students, not clients.

Thank you, Dr. Poonam, for partnering with me on my Applications. I enjoyed working with you.

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