I gave my GMAT in end June 2017 and started the application process in early July. The next step was choosing an admissions consultant, and this was not an easy process. I talked to some 5-6 consultants and was really disheartened when they didn't believe in my passion and dream of getting into HBS. They asked me to apply to more "safe" schools. When I had an introductory talk with Poonam, she sounded really encouraging and yet practical. And I knew that I found my companion for this journey.

The next few months were not easy, and I worked extremely hard to achieve my aim. At all times, Poonam worked equally hard right from reviewing my essays in time and putting extra time and effort whenever I got demanding.

I was keen on applying to HBS in Round 1, but Poonam suggested me to keep HBS for Round 2 to give enough time to my dream school. Now when I look back, I feel that this was the most valuable advice she gave me. It gave me enough time to work on my essays and be confident about my application.

Poonam's USP is that she is a convincing storyteller, and with her, I learned this art. Not only this, but she also gave me valuable advice for all parts of my application process, such as bringing more clarity on my goals, getting my recommendations in line with my qualities, identifying my failures, etc.

I will strongly recommend MER to all those who are struggling to find an encouraging consultant and are really passionate about their dream school!

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