I signed up for MER to help me put my best foot forward in the application race. In our initial catch-up, we decided on the college applications we would team up for and a timeline of two weeks for each college process. I loved that she made me fill out a questionnaire, in the beginning, to develop a complete understanding of my personal and professional background and suggest ideas for my stories.

Resume building: While working on my resume, she ensured that I quantified each pointer to stress the impact of my contribution. Through multiple iterations and sense checks, we were able to draft a very powerful and satisfying resume.

Storyboarding and essay writing: I set up a 45 minutes call to brainstorm ideas for the various essays we would work on. This was really instrumental in structuring my thoughts and preparing the first draft.

Poonam was extremely quick (24-48 hours) to respond to my queries and provide feedback for each draft I had prepared. Apart from editing the essays, she also added comments/questions to aid me in my thought process for the following draft.

We collaborated very well and met the timelines for every college. I am grateful to Poonam for this wonderful learning experience. Her contribution to my application process was definitely the most pivotal piece in the puzzle.

She is a rockstar, and I recommend her to anyone hoping to enjoy the process of drafting a stellar application to achieve admission to the target schools and fulfill the MBA dream.

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