As I completed the GMAT test and planned for the last round of applications to 4 programs, I was looking for some guidance on the challenging essays and other application aspects. With some amazing reviews for MER and finding great synergy in the introductory call with Poonam Ma’am, the decision was an easy one that I would love to work with MER. Poonam Ma’am was clear from the outset and really enjoyed her candid personality while ensuring we hit the right areas from the get-go. The application expectations set from the outset were just what I needed, and I think this started us off on the right footing.

I cannot say how helpful these sessions were. During the second session, I was a little lost with the essay prompt and it certainly helped clarify what the essay was asking just so I can clear my thinking in the middle of a pressure cooker application season. Following on from the initial Skype session, Poonam Ma’am clearly understood the various themes in my persona to bring out. Be it what to highlight or a fresh set of ideas, the overall guidance Poonam Ma’am provided during the applications was fabulous.

There certainly were so many occasions while working with Ma’am that I would write long-winded statements and just jot my ideas to put something together for the essays. However, the real nuance and flow, and theme came through once I received feedback from Poonam Ma’am. I can confidently say that even after completing the applications when I go back and read the essays I feel like the push from MER and the constant egging-on allowed me to produce diamonds from coal.

Editing was one of the highlights for me. There were innumerable occasions where rambling ideas and run-on sentences were written by me. Once Poonam Ma’am edited them and fixed the structure and grammatical issues, the crispness, and impact was clear to see.

The resume was my favorite assignment. When we started off working together, I felt my resume was great – little did I know there was so much work needed. I also think this is a great first project and ensures the application flows smoothly as one is forced to think about the structure of the resume and it then naturally lends to thinking deeper on the projects undertaken for stories for the essays. The review of the inputs from my recommenders was very helpful to ensure they bring out the right talking points. This greatly helped them as well.

Poonam Ma’am was always-on-top of the application process. I could not have asked for a better partner for the stressful application season. 11/10 – can I give it that rating? Always on time and to the point. I felt Poonam Ma’am provided me the much-needed personal attention with ensuring the applications go through on time. I am happy to have chosen Poonam Ma’am as my partner for the applications. I would more than recommend Poonam Ma’am to any student looking for someone who will understand your persona and achievements. Not just that, at every stage of the application process, the rich experience of working with multiple applications is something you will notice. While it may not be clear initially – trust her process. It is a tried and tested method. Be prepared to dig deep since that is what will bring out your best application. Poonam Ma’am will give you a free hand to create your own painting while also ensuring you receive candid feedback if veering off-course. I can easily say my applications turned out far better than I anticipated when commencing this journey.

I have really enjoyed working with you, Ma’am. I am thrilled to say that over the last 10 days, I have received great news from all 4 schools- Booth, Haas, UCLA, and Foster. Chicago provided an early admit just this afternoon. I have decided to attend Haas.