I was specifically looking out for someone to understand my career vision and guide me not only with the essays but also with college selection. MER is a dependable brand to rely on. The reviews and results available on the website and GMAT Club made MER my first choice and hence, I approached Poonam to help me out with my MBA application.

During the free Video consulting session, Poonam evaluated my profile on my work experience, participation in extra-curricular activities, and academics. I was also briefed on the current admission scenarios in various colleges which helped me choose my future colleges.

After registration, we had two counseling sessions on Zoom:

1. To discuss resume strategy, school selection, and turnaround time where we both agreed mutually to reply within two working days.

2. On the second call, we discussed my doubts regarding the school selection. We also discussed the essay stories and the important pointers to make my essays more effective.

Both sessions were informative and helped me make concrete decisions further. Before starting with the essays, we had a brainstorming session which made me explore my life deeply and we were able to extract relevant stories for different essays. This, I believe is one of the most powerful exercises during the complete process as it laid the foundation for story selection. Along with the story selection, we also worked together organizing even the small details in my essays to make them perfect. Poonam made sure that we reach word limits without compromising on the content.

Holding over three decades of experience in teaching and helping students out, her skills in sentence structure, grammar and punctuation made my content a professional one. Every iteration of the resume made me feel more confident as my total experience of more than eight years was classified on a single page. This was beyond my imagination. Poonam’s extraordinary review skills provided me the confidence to proudly brief myself during the interview.

Poonam guided me adequately regarding the selection of recommenders and the LOR process so I could guide my recommenders about LOR requirements.

She is a proactive person when it comes to turnaround time. Because of her professionalism, her response to my draft was bound to come within 48 hours. She met all the expectations listed on the MER website showing 100% professionalism. Her over the decade of experience in admissions consulting gave me all the valuable inputs which made me strategize and execute the plan. She answered every query with all the knowledge she has which equipped me with information and enabled me to make further decisions.

In Conclusion, my experience with Poonam has been exceptional and I feel lucky that I had the honor to work with her. She is a live example of a disciplined professional and cares about every small detail in your application.

The hard work did pay off with an admission offer from Kelley with a scholarship of 55,833USD per year along with a waitlist from Tepper and McCombs. I would recommend Poonam’s amazing services to prospective students.

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