Reasons to sign up for MER services:

1. The feedback I read on MER services and especially the personalized touch by Mrs. Poonam, made me opt for MER services. This is an edge that you get from MER over the rest.

2. Another main reason was that she had already worked with successful applicants for the university I was applying for.

3. Moreover, the possibility to choose the type of services that you want to purchase out of a plethora of services rather than having only one option of buying a school package makes MER distinct.

Initial Call: During the initial call, Mrs. Poonam guided me in the right direction regarding how to best tackle my essay as well as the resumé. She explained to me what the essay prompt was asking for, and she also asked me questions to familiarize herself with my professional background. This helped in building up my confidence to write the essays and resumé and not feel lost.

Counseling Session to discuss resume and essays: During the counseling session, Mrs. Poonam made sure that I understood what her comments from her editing process meant and brought me back on track if ever I diverted from the essay prompt. I really appreciate the fact that she took all the time that was required to answer all my questions that I had and go through both the essays and resumé line by line during the meeting without having a hard ending time.

Poonam tries to understand the applicant’s profile and provides guidance on how to incorporate some specifics in the essay and resumé during the initial and counselling sessions. She ensures that the story flows throughout the essay. Also, the comment section whereby we both interact regarding some points does help a lot there.

Answering queries: Mrs. Poonam is very quick at responding to queries by email, and she does so even after her working hours. You would never have to wait for a reply from her.

Turnarounds (Response time): I was very impressed by the turnaround time, and Mrs. Poonam is known to abide by her committed assignment timeline. But at the same time, she is equally comprehensive should you have any problem in abiding by the agreed timeline.

I really enjoyed working with Poonam, and she has impressed me on a lot of fronts, but the main one is that she sticks by her words. She is very conscious of the timing of an assignment. Yes, I will definitely recommend your services to prospective applicants, provided the latter are serious in their applications and are able to cope with deadlines, as I wouldn’t want them to be a pain for her by not being respectful of her time. I am happy to say that I have been accepted to my target school – the Manchester Global Part-time MBA program.

Jayvanee Curpen,