I decided to sign up with myessayreview after reading the great reviews on gmatclub. I needed someone to work with me on an aggressive schedule (I needed 6 essays in about 2weeks) and shape my stories. I setup a quick chat to understand how she worked and was impressed with her diligence and attention to detail. She took the time to understand my profile and the programs I was applying to. She also did not overcommit to work on all 6 essays and emphasized on providing the time needed for each essay and my commitment on the turnaround. Given the timeline I decided to take up the 3essay package.

Poonam had reviewed my resume and essays before the 1hr Skype call and we had a great discussion on my profile and what aspects of the applications needed to be highlighted. We setup a framework for the essays and setup a timeline for the draft reviews. Although I wasn't signed up for a resume review, Poonam provided some valuable edits to it as well.

Poonam helped me work on the structure and the messaging in each of the essays and had valuable inputs on them. I was also impressed with her turnaround time with her feedback. Her language skill are exemplary, and she managed to magically fit every essay exactly into the word limit without compromising any content or impact. I was thrilled with how the final versions of the essays turned out and was happy I chose to work with her. I would recommend Poonam to anyone looking to get the best versions of their applications out there.