I read your blog on one of the Essay Review sites (I think it was GMAT club) and read reviews of some of the candidates who had availed your services in the past. I decided to give this a try and after exchange of few introductory emails and a phone call, I decided to give it a try.

I was a bit nervous when I started the process. But your debrief session and essay pointers email was an excellent starting point. I appreciate your effort in guiding me and directing my thoughts to formulate my own stories and write them on a piece of paper for you to have a look. I must appreciate your guidance, patience and hard work as you took a lot of effort in understanding my unique position and then bringing my own stories to light. Your edits on my essays transformed my thoughts into a stellar story. Ask me about the turnarounds!!! A turnaround time of 12/18 hours at the beginning was shortened to few minutes by the time we reached the deadline to submit the application. I must say that throughout the process you satisfactorily addressed all of my queries/concerns. A big thank you for all your support.

Poonam – your critique/edits to my essays, helped me got accepted to Chicago Booth EMBA and LBS EMBA Dubai. I’m very happy, and I still can’t believe it! Thank you so much for all your help through the application process. Thank you for your involvement, for challenging me and pushing my thinking and for all the prompt replies during late nights, weekends and thanksgiving holiday. We applied to 2 universities in 10 days and I got admitted in both– WOW that’s amazing.

Your support is highly appreciated, and I will always be willing to recommend people in my circle to avail your services.

Haris Khan,