I needed help with organizing my ideas into a story with which I can make an impression in the Adcom’s mind. MER did exactly that 1-hour skype session was helpful to discuss my resume and essay questions and how to highlight my background and experience in those essays that would help me stand out from the crowd. Poonam highlighted my areas that stood out and it helped me focus my thoughts on those aspects while writing the essays. Poonam helped me highlight my strengths in my essays and get all my thoughts in a proper storytelling format that would paint a picture in the reader’s mind while reading the essays. Thanks, Poonam!!

The resume review was very detailed, and I enjoyed how Poonam changed my career jargon terms in the resume to a lay man’s language. Her editing skills are absolutely awesome!! Throughout the process, she very promptly answered any queries/ questions I had. Also, the turnarounds were very quick. Because of the pace of turnaround times, I literally completed my whole application in less than 10 days from scratch with a number of edits. I am happy to say that I am admitted to Chicago Booth’s Executive MBA program. Thanks, Poonam.

It was great working with Poonam, and I would recommend Poonam’s services for anyone hoping to get help with the MBA application package.

George S,