I want to start by mentioning that I was not an MBA applicant and I worked with Poonam for help with my essays for applying for an MHA (the admission says business school but I didn't apply for their MBA). I always thought of myself as a good writer because I usually write a lot, however, I was glad that I had Poonam's services to guide me and edit my work because the essays that I had written on my own before working with Poonam were not even close to as well structured and written as the essays Poonam helped me on. I want to mention that I got the two-essay package and Poonam helped edit my statement and scholarship essay for my main program. I was admitted to the program that I wanted and I'm sure the essays were a big factor in determining my admission. Overall, I enjoyed working with her and she was very understanding and more flexible than it says on her website. I was kind of late a few times getting my essays to her but she was always very helpful and on time. She was refreshing and honest compared to many of the other companies that I talked with and not mention affordable. With her help, I wrote an essay with a story that stood out and definitely got into a much better program than I thought I could. I had slightly over a 3.2 but my essays and extracurriculars definitely helped a lot.