Although I had already written most of the essays and was confident that they were good, I decided to sign up for a single essay review service so as to double-check the quality of my work. I signed up for myEssayReview because it was highly rated at GMAT Club, and because it offered very competitive pricing for a one essay review. After completing the review process with Poonam for this essay, I realized that she helped me to elevate the quality of my essay to an entirely new level! As a result, I decided to sign up for essay review to six schools I applied as well as résumé review. Here is my feedback on my experience of working with Poonam:

Understands you as a person: Poonam was interested in understanding my whole story as an applicant and as a person, though I had initially just signed up for a one essay review. In addition, I could also understand her background and method of working, which helped us to work productively while not losing sight of my goals and characteristics. She provided me valuable advice on my school selection, application strategy, time management, and even résumé improvements, all of which were not part of the scope of my original service hired.

Delivers a Clear Sentence Structure:  Poonam demonstrated that my first drafts had stories with the unnatural flow and frequently lacked a clear link between the story and the point I was trying to make. Once we identified the point, then we discussed how each part of the example was supporting the point. This method was vital not only to stay focused on my key messages but also to trim side arguments and reach the tight word limits. Poonam used an effective and elegant word choice - not overly sophisticated vocabulary. As a non-native speaker, I found it so helpful because I wouldn´t be comfortable with words that I would never write in my essays.

Effective Edits: Effective editing/trimming of essays is one of Poonam’s main strengths. I frequently sent her very large essays thinking, there is no way to achieve the allowed word-limit – but she consistently delivered on the word limit! In addition, I found helpful that she offered my choices on what contents to sacrifice or details to omit so that I was able to consciously evaluate the trade-offs and make choices that maintained the essence of my examples.

Results speak for themselves! In the end, I was interviewed to all of the six schools I applied, admitted to four of them (Kellogg, Berkeley-Haas, Yale SOM, and UCLA Anderson) and waitlisted at Stanford GSB. Plus, three of them offered me substantial scholarships! Kellogg-70K scholarship (Donald Jacobs scholarship), Yale SOM - 20k scholarship, UCLA Anderson -70k scholarship. Now I’m heading to Kellogg with a scholarship!  I had never imagined I would be so successful. Without a doubt, Poonam has contributed substantially!

Beyond being admitted to my dream school with a scholarship, I gained a lot from working with Poonam. I improved my writing and critical thinking abilities, and also had a great time working with Poonam. Thank you, Poonam for your guidance.

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