I am accepted into EMBA program of NYU Stern. Thanks, Poonam for your invaluable guidance.
I am a technical person and storytelling is not my strong suit. I was looking for someone to help me tell my story for my application for Executive MBA program of NYU. I reviewed some of samples on myEssayReview website about essay writing and usual mistakes made by students. I was impressed and requested Poonam for free consultation. After a brief call with Poonam, I felt confident in partnering with her for my application. I signed up for 1 school package, and we started working.

Poonam reviewed my résumé and first drafts of essays and scheduled one hour brainstorming session which was very productive. She asked pointed questions to thoroughly understand my background, career progression, skills, accomplishments, career goals and reasons to apply to NYU. Based on my responses, she made necessary modifications and provided her recommendation for further improvements.

Poonam’s assistance and huge support throughout my application helped me find my voice and tell my story convincingly that the Ad Com liked. I must say Poonam’s valuable guidance as well as her excellent editing skills was the primary reason for my acceptance to the EMBA program of NYU Stern. I am very happy with her services and will recommend her to the prospective applicants to executive MBA programs.