I was looking for a consultant of Indian origin because I wanted someone who could relate to the Indian education system and help me understand the nitty-gritty of the international MBA application process, considering my Indian education background.

The second reason was that Poonam holds a Ph.D. in English with three decades of soundtrack experience with outstanding outcomes. GMAT Club helped differentiate between Indian consultants and made me select MER over other consultancy firms. Another selling point was that she did not have any other junior consultants editing the application on her behalf. The entire process was handled by one single person, which I liked about MER.

I must appreciate her candid nature, which helped me finalize my decision on selecting MER for my B-school application journey. Her strategy guides helped me map out the application process and what steps need to be taken to execute a robust application. Poonam guided me to appear for a GRE retake and apply with a better version of me which I completely agree upon.

The counseling session was an eye-opener where I learned different possibilities for improvement. Poonam was very particular about the questions, so she directed me to focus on what precisely the admissions committee is looking for in the essays, resumes, and LORs. My takeaway from the counseling session helped me develop appropriate stories with a lot of introspection and brainstorming.

Poonam is an excellent storyteller who possesses a good sense of how to showcase a story to convey appropriate meaning, answering the question asked. Poonam was relentless because she wanted to ensure the story was sound and to the point. Hence, there were instances when I had to make four drafts to develop fine-tuned stories that made my profile strong. In addition, Poonam helped me understand the concept of the S.T.A.R. format, which made my life a lot easier in organizing the essays to make a good sense of the stories.

I could see the flow getting better and better in each edit that I received from Poonam. Her language skills and storytelling attitude helped me get my stories properly critiqued to get a better version of them. Poonam utilized her storytelling approach and constantly motivated me to use my story, highlighting my strengths and advising me to speak quality content in the essays instead of focusing more on quantity.

Poonam was extraordinarily cautious about grammatical mistakes or any sentence structure failure. Also, she used to comment on the exact errors in the sentence, commenting on what best could be done to improvise the sentence. Her role in trimming the essays was tremendous, as she made the essays so succinct (following the strict word limit requirements) without any loss of meaning and what I intended to showcase to the admissions committee.

I already had my resume ready, which I thought was a perfect one. However, when I saw the comments from Poonam on different aspects, it was new to me. For example, I learned how we need to display our extracurricular hobbies in the resume. Instead of making a laundry list, we need to be more specific about our hobbies. Poonam responded to my questions within 24 hours. During the three long zoom sessions, I understood that she is dedicated and diligent in ensuring that all my queries were answered correctly and did provide valuable advice. If she was unable to respond within 24 hours, she would notify the reason why the delay occurred and still try to respond as earliest as she could.

I did one mock interview session. The tips on improving my performance in the interview were precious. I figured out which area I need to focus more on, the behavioral questions where I need to use the S.T.A.R. format to get solid answers. Poonam's verbal and written feedback on my interview helped me develop a solution to the mistakes committed. The suggestions I received for the LOR were also commendable as they provided my recommender to come up with impactful stories that gel with my short-term career objectives.

My overall experience with MER was excellent. Yes, I would definitely recommend MER services to prospective applicants.

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