I heard about MER services through e-Gmat. Browsing through the website, reading, and hearing client testimonials increased my interest in MER services. I felt the free consultation was helpful for both me and Poonam. It was important for Poonam to understand my profile, goals, and gauge how she felt my candidacy was. At the same time, it was important for me to understand how the process works and establish timelines to stay focused. One thing I liked during our 1st consultation that Poonam was very clear and straight about her concern with the amount of experience I had and what the programs might be looking for. I really appreciate how honest she was.

With the package, I signed up for Poonam was supposed to schedule only one 1-hour session, but since we couldn’t finish reviewing all the essays under 1 hour, she was flexible and kind enough to schedule an additional session. I liked the way she was prompt, patient in understanding each story/content in the essays, making notes, providing suggestions, and most importantly not rushing through the time. This shows her dedication towards the client.

MIT required 3 essays in addition to the Statement of Purpose. We started off with a total of 5 essays and after detailed counseling sessions, we discussed which essays would be the best fit and how we would want to position them. Again, I think the key part was understanding my profile and stories clearly and determining the best fit which Poonam has done in an excellent manner. She is a dedicated individual. I remember I was having a bit of struggle with the SOP, but Poonam’s constant moral support helped a lot. I really liked the final version of SOP and comparing it to my 1 st draft, it was improved tremendously. Without Poonam’s support, it would not have been possible.

I liked the STAR approach for essays and the methodology for keeping track of changes/edits in the word document. Also, including comments helped me understand the conversation get additional context. My initial draft of my resume was mostly technical since I have a technical background. Removing the technical terms and focusing more on projects and accomplishments was important to turn it into a Business School Resume, and Poonam helped me think in that direction. In fact, I plan to stick with this approach going forward.

Also, the LOR guidance she gave helped provide direction for my recommenders. Apart from general essay questions, I had some outstanding questions during my school application and Poonam quickly responded to them without any hesitation. Poonam was very prompt with her reverts and adhered to the 24-48 hours turnaround timeline we agreed to. In fact, due to my work schedule, I didn’t meet those expectations sometimes, but she understood and was flexible to adjust accordingly.

Poonam is a great individual to work with, and I would happily recommend her to future applications. Spending time understanding the profile thoroughly, being flexible, patient, determined, and most importantly the constant moral support are some of the qualities for which I would recommend her. She turns the essays into natural storytelling making them easier to understand for audiences.

I interviewed with MIT and am accepted into the Kellogg EMBA program. Thank you, Poonam, for your continued support!

Deepa Kasineni,