I first got knowledge of MER’s service offerings after reading and watching Poonam’s compelling interview with Shailesh, one of her successful students. His story resonated with me, seeing as I intended to apply to the same school. Poonam’s great reviews on GMAT Club though convincing, the clincher was the confirmation of her great qualities and capabilities by Shailesh. The free consultation was very engaging and eye-opening. Poonam was able to critically assess my profile to determine my ‘fit’ and eligibility for my school of choice. I was very impressed by her thorough and deliberate approach. This set the tone for the work ahead.

1. Resumé Review: With my initial resume being too long, the editing process to bring it within stipulated parameters was very enlightening, though cumbersome. I was introduced to the STAR method at our counseling session. This ensured better structure and organization. Poonam guided me on how to better highlight my accomplishments and impact to guarantee a positive outcome.

2. Essay help: Poonam’s guidance and instructions throughout the essay writing process were well thought out and tailored to my unique abilities. The counselling session to brainstorm ideas led to a better understanding of my profile and strategic positioning of my stories to create maximum impact. Poonam’s topnotch editing skills were used to improve sentence structure, correct grammar, and organize my stories for better narrative flow. It was interesting to see her trim my essays down to the required word limits, making them fit for purpose. Poonam was able to deal with all my questions and queries exhaustively, and on time too.

3. LOR Guidance/Review: Poonam’s advice and suggestions went a long way in helping my recommenders put together compelling recommendations.

Poonam’s commitment and remarkable response time was a source of motivation. Her quick turnarounds encouraged me to press on even when I felt overwhelmed. I was surprised at the amount of knowledge I gained within the short time of working with Poonam. Apart from achieving our aim of crafting very compelling essays, Poonam’s customized approach provided an enabling environment that impacted me positively. I gained new knowledge that helped improve my writing and research skills. Also, Poonam’s genuine concern for the success of her clients through her words and actions distinguishes her from other consultants. Consequently, I am happy to say that I have been accepted into INSEAD’s GEMBA program. I would highly recommend MER’s services to prospective applicants any day.

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Blaise Umoren,